What on earth am I doing?!

After years of deliberation, and all the formal musical education I could bear to handle (which attempted, continually, to funnel me into a predictable, non-creative, and frankly boring lifestyle) I’ve decided to set off on the boldest, stupidest, yet likely most rewarding chapter of my life. For the next couple of years, I will be working my way all around the world, street performing and spreading my own musical message. I will be relying, exclusively, on the money I make on the street to finance this endeavour. Furthermore, i plan to achieve this as carbon naturally as possible, by which I mean that I will be taking no commercial flights, and trains will most certainly be my friend (though they already are!).

Please help me to spread the word of an eco friendly, music-centric future, full of new friends to be made, and amazing music and parts of the world still to be discovered. #BUSKtheGLOBE

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