Chapter 4 – Italy & Balkans

This four month tour began by piggybacking on to a friend’s interrail trip. We travelled through Switzerland to Italy by train, on perhaps the most scenic railway in the world, in an open caboose! After performing at the Ferrara Buskers Festival and some exploration of northern Italy, I cycled through Tuscany to Siena. A marathon bus journey took me to Luxembourg for a friend’s wedding and from there I cycled to Frankfurt & Munich. Travel through Austria led me into Slovenia to start my Balkan tour. My sister joined the adventure here. We ambled down the whole spectacular Croatian coast, inland through the fascinating country of Bosnia, stopping briefly in Serbia before arriving in Transylvania in Romania. Beth departed here, and I travelled on into Moldova, Bulgaria, and back in to Serbia. My journey by rail back to the UK granted me short stops in Budapest, Bratislava, Ljubljana, Padova & Paris along the way.

Busk the Globe stays afloat exclusively from tips I earn street performing around the world. It isn’t easy. If you are able: Donate to my project here 🙏

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